Eng-DB-2 is a light-weight engineering database. It allows to manage components/assemblies and their associated AVLs and technical documentation, assemble BOMs for finished goods and annotate these with quotations received from suppliers.


There are lots of commercial off-the-shelf PLM solutions available, including but not limited to Arena, Omnify or Windchill. However, these solutions are typically much more aimed at Operations than Engineering.

Engineering’s requirements often differ from Operation’s requirements; mostly in how to deal with incomplete, preliminary and inaccurate information. In order to maintain productivity in Engineering, the following key requirements have been identified:

  • fast and light-weight process for creating parts
  • distinction between global library and product-specific parts
  • ability to deal with placeholder part-numbers
  • fast method for adjusting part information including AVLs and cost
  • fast method for importing quotations received from vendors
  • fast method for benchmarking quotations against targets
  • full-text search for parts
  • simple ‘where-used’ search

It is well understood, that ultimately the data will need to go into a database that is owned and maintained by Operations. This leads to another requirement:

  • straightforward way of exporting the data for hand-off to Operations